Affordable Pressure Cleaning
The best service under pressure -- guaranteed -- since 1993.


Affordable Pressure Cleaning specializes in giving the Alachua County homeowner the best service under pressure at a fair price.

Exterior house cleaning/house washing services

Over time, your home will accumulate mildew, dirt, and other unsightly stains. In Gainesville’s humid climate, keeping them at bay is a continuous and ongoing battle.  With our years of experience and knowledge, we can help maintain and bring back to life one of your most valuable assets, your home. Routine power washing can help extend the life of your home’s exterior and maintain its true beauty. Cross off exterior cleaning of your home from your to-do list by calling the professionals at Affordable Pressure Cleaning.

Concrete drives, walkways, pavers and other flat surfaces

Concrete drives and walks can quickly turn black and slippery with thick algae and mold creating an unsightly and sometimes even a dangerous situation. Heavy rains and misdirected sprinklers can certainly increase the formation of growth on flat surfaces, your driveways, walks and even curbs. We use industrial-sized equipment to properly restore your concrete to its original appearance. Save your back and leave your weekends for family and Gator sports and let Affordable Pressure Cleaning help.

Pool enclosures

Pool areas and enclosures can be the focal point of family time and special events, but over time turn dirty and unpleasant. Leaves tend to pile up in the gutters, pine straw poke through the screen ceiling and algae grows on the screen cage and decking, which can deter your outdoor living experience. Affordable Pressure Cleaning has the right equipment to tackle the toughest job and return your entire outdoor living space back to its previous grandeur.


Over time mildew can grow on roofs and cause unsightly stains and deteriorate shingles.  Affordable Pressure Cleaning uses a chemical and low-pressure technique to safely remove the mildew.


Gainesville is fortunate to have so many trees, but your roof can quickly be covered with debris and gutters filled with leaves. Dry debris on roofs can increase fire risk during the hot and dry season. Also, debris left to decay and rot on your roof and in your gutters can quickly cause damage to both shingles and gutters during rainy season. Water from your roof needs to be able to easily flow away from your home. Climbing and working on roofs can potentially be dangerous, hot and dirty. Call Affordable Pressure Cleaning now to professionally and safely blow off your roof and clean out your gutters.

For all your pressure cleaning needs, call Scott @ 352-665-0553.

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